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Marathon's Story, a Marathon fansite that contains every single story terminal from the trilogy as well as tons of information about each game. This is also the main inspiration, at least aesthetically of the very website you're currently on.

Dynasty Scans, the only manga site you'll ever need,,, as long as you're really into yuri.

CDRomance, a library of mods and fan translations for retro games.

WinWorld, an archive of old computer software for a variety of platforms.

Macintosh Garden, an archive of old software for Apple computers.

The Spriters Resource. Need a sprite from a video game? It's probably here.

123Guestbook, a free guestbook site.

Winamp Skin Museum, a great collection of skins for Winamp.

Dither Me This, a cool online image dithering tool

The Death Generator

A collection of 88x31 buttons

Another collection of 88x31 buttons

A Cyborg Manifesto

The Internet Archive


EIZO Monitor Test

Nostalgic Visual Novels on-line [NSFW]

Barra's Error Message Generator

The Oldschool PC Font Resource


The Retro Web




The Old Net, a way to experience the web as it once was...

Final Judgement, a fansite dedicated to Sydney Losstarot from the video game Vagrant Story.

Kawaii Nightmare, my girlfriend's website. Go check it out!

Sadgrl.online, an incredibly useful and informative site full of guides on how to desgin a website.

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