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WHAT THE HECK WHAT DO YOU MEAN A NEW MARATHON GAME HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED TODAY,,, Considering how much the Marathon trilogy has influenced me and this website, I have to say *something* about it.
So, yeah, new Marathon game, simply titled “Marathon” (Have I mentioned how much I hate the trend of new entries in long running series dropping any number or subtitle,,, it’s SO annoying). From what I’ve gathered, it seems to be a multiplayer exclusive extraction shooter,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, not exactly what most Marathon fans seem to want,,, to put it lightly. The lack of any singleplayer content for the reboot of a game series mostly renowned for its story and the fact that it's a live service title (UGHHHHHHHHHH) kind of kills a lot of the excitement for me - Though I’ll definitely still try it out. I’m not gonna just ignore the first Marathon game to release since 1996 after all!

On a more positive note, the art direction looks INCREDIBLE. I love how colorful and clean it seems, with just the slightest hint of the 90s almost anime sci-fi that's so prevalent in early Bungie stuff. A new modern visual identity for the series that is separate from Halo or Destiny. Top notch stuff for sure.
Also there was a cool ARG thing that eventually led to a ViDoc!! That’s just peak Bungie to me. That ARG is proof enough to me that at least the lore of Marathon is in good hands.

While this isn’t what I was hoping for from a new Marathon game, I’m still at least cautiously interested in it. I really hope it’s good,,, even if I know deep down it most certainly won't be.

Anyway those are my immediate thoughts. Hope you enjoyed reading.

And don’t forget, somewhere in the heavens… they are waiting.

Announcement Trailer

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Somewhere In The Heavens ViDoc

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