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Signalis is a sci-fi survival horror game developed by rose-engine, published by Humble Games, and released on October 27th 2022. In the game you play as Elster, an LSTR-class replika (android) on a journey to find a woman and fulfill a promise you have only vague memories of. Gameplay is heavily influenced by classic Resident Evil titles and focuses on resource and inventory managment as you make your way through twisted and cryptic retrofuture environments. Many elements of the game, especially the environments and story are also influenced by other classic survival horror games like the first few Silent Hill titles, as well as cyberbunk media such as Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, Blame!, and Alien.


Without going into too many spoilers, I'll try to explain what I really love about the story. First of all, I really enjoy stories about ai and memory loss/manipulation. Signalis has both of these things in spades. The protagonist, Elster, and almost every other character in the game are sentient androids, androids with minds that are copies of originally human minds. And these original memories can resurface,,, that is just SO COOL to me. Also the main drive of the story is Elster literally searching for her missing lesbian lover. As a lesbian woman myself, I have to say I'm a fan. The story is cryptic, confusing, and very much up to interpretation. Some people might have a problem with that but I really like it.

I absolutely adore the visuals. First of all, I am a huge fan of Playstation 1 games and the general aesthetic of titles on the system. It's the console that I grew up with, so of course I have nostalgic memories of the games. And Signalis is full of properly chunky and low poly assets that would look right at home on my childhood console - Especially the character models, they look straight out of somthing like Metal Gear Solid. Also there are the obvious retrofuture and cyberpunk influences that permeate the game. Chunky CRT monitors and industrial buttons/environments that look like something straight out of Alien or Blade Runner. I really love this stuff.

Like previously mentioned, the gameplay is very clearly influenced by the first handful of Resident Evil games. Lots of ammo/inventory managment, backtracking, puzzle-solving, and dodging enemies. Now I do like classic RE games, especially 2 and Code Veronica, but the gameplay has never been anything super amazing to me. But Signalis has made me appreciate the formula a lot more. Both engaging and avoiding enemies feels properly good, the weapons feel nice to use, puzzles aren't too cryptic or annoying. Heck, even the 6 item inventory limit, something that I thought would annoy me, really doesn't. It forces smart item managment and backtracking and I honestly really like it! The gameplay is really solid. It takes the classic RE formula and makes it feel even better.


Administration-, Datenverarbeitung-, Logistik-Replika
(Administration, Data Processing, Logistics Replika 'Eagle')

Type: Generation 5 High Command Specialist
Frame: Biomechanical with Polyethylene Shell and Titanium Skeleton
Height: 175 cm

An integral part of every Protektor Führungskommando is the Administrator unit. A single ADLR unit can manage and oversee all the administrative tasks for an entire facility, freeing other Operational Command units to focus on the direct control of Protektor units. The Adler is designed to work as a direct counterpart to the Falke Unit, serving as her adjutant by taking care of necessary paperwork and calculations.

Known issues
Adler units work best when left alone. They do not mix well with their own type. They will usually become very emotionally dependent on their Commander. Adlers are very susceptible to bioresonant suggestion, making them fairly easy to control. However, they become bored very easily and may need new Fetish objects at regular intervals for stabilization.
Allzweck-Reparatur-Arbeiter Replika
(All-Purpose Repair Worker Replika 'Macaw')

Type: Generation 2 Low-Cost General Purpose
Frame: Biomechanical with Titanium-Reinforced Polyethylene Shell
Height: 185 cm

The tough 'worker bees' of the construction and repair industry. One of the earlier Replika designs, the simple but efficient Aras are actually the most-produced Replika type to date. These strong and heavy worker units are a perfect fit for work in construction and production of industrial goods. In many places throughout our Nation, Aras have already replaced all Gestalt workers in fields like Klimaforming and explosive ordnance disposal.

Known issues
Even though they may seem like quiet simpletons, do not underestimate Aras. While they may not show it, they judge those who are rude or unkind harshly and will quietly share this judgment with their entire Cadre. Aras get along best with Eules, who tend to be patient and friendly, and have a talent for reading Aras' expressionless faces. In many facilities, Aras will construct service tunnels accessible only to them, often under floors and in walls. Unstable units may retreat into these tunnel. It is not recommended to attempt to retrieve them.
Ara Personas can be best stabilized by allowing them access to plants to take care of, ideally colorful flowers or trees.
Einfache Universelle Leichte Replika
(Simple Universal Light Replika 'Owl')

Type: Generation 4 Low-Cost General Purpose
Frame: Biomechanical with Polyethylene Shell
Height: 175 cm

EULR units are the backbone of the Eusan Nation's workforce. These elegant multi-purpose worker units are suited for all kinds of domestic tasks like cleaning, cooking, and simple medical and office work. Eules are highly social and get along well with each other as well as most other Replika Models. While unfit for combat, their lightweight frame makes them a prime choice for distant facilities where supplies are limited.

Known issues
Eules tend to form large groups and like to sing and dance, as the original neural pattern for this unit was a ballet dancer. Persona degradation can be easily prevented in this unit by making sure they have access to music (through tape players or musical instruments). Always place at least one mirror in Eule dorms, as they have a strong urge to check their own appearance at regular intervals. Eules' Persona stabilizes by keeping a tidy appearance and through regular social interactions. Eules will often organize in groups of roughly ten units and give each other themed nicknames.
(Operational Command Control Unit Replika 'Falcon')

Type: Generation 6 High-Tech Bioresonance Command Unit
Frame: Biomechanical with Polyethylene Shell and Bullet-Resistant Armor Plating
Height: 250 cm

- CLASSIFIED INFORMATION - Commander Eyes Only -

The Protektor Führungskommando's Commander, the head of each AEON facility's Protektor force, is a powerful prototype bioresonant Falke unit. An authority that may never be questioned, a Falke unit serves not just as a commander to the Protektors, but as a nearly god-like being, a perception that is underlined by her tall build and resemblance to our Nation's Leaders, the Great Revolutionary and her Daughter.

It is also aided by her powerful prototype Bioresonance Module, which not only allows her to bend the will of weaker minds and fathom their intentions and emotions, but also grants her the ability to manipulate objects from a distance.

Known issues
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Kommando-Leiteinheit Bioresonanztechnik-Replika
(Command Control Unit Bioresonance Technology Replika 'Hummingbird')

Type: Generation 6 High-Tech Bioresonance Specialist
Frame: Biomechanical with Polyethylene Shell and Bullet-Resistant Armor Plating
Height: 152 cm

- CLASSIFIED INFORMATION - Commander Eyes Only -

A marvel of modern technology, the Kolibri is the most capable Bioresonance unit ever produced. Every Protektor Führungskommando's Falke unit is aided by a cadre of KLBR unit adjutants, which can amplify her bioresonant signals, as well as produce their own. Despite their diminutive build, Kolibris are one of the most effective Protektor units.

Able to directly influence the minds of Replikas and Gestalts, extract information non-verbally, and communicate among themselves instantly in the full bandwidth of the senses, the Kolibri's Bioresonance is the closest recreation of a true 'hive mind'.

Known issues
Great care should be given to Kolibris - their neural patterns are very unstable and their Bioresonance Module makes them very susceptible to influence from others. Like most bioresonant individuals, Kolibris will often subconsciously create an emotional feedback loop, imitating and then broadcasting the emotions of those around them, acting as a sort of amplifier.
While they are trained to recognize and disengage this behavior, already unstable units can sometimes spiral into Persona degradation. Due to their bioresonant connection, neural pattern development in Kolibris varies less than in other models. The constant exchange of memories and emotions between units of a Cadre acts as a "safety net" that buffers extreme changes.
However, once a majority of units in a Cadre degrade, they will drag remaining units down with them. Because of this, it is important to decommission Kolibri units instantly when they begin to degrade. For Person stabilization, Kolibris should have access to a well-stocked library.
([REDACTED] 'Kranich')

Height: [REDACTED]

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Landvermessungs-/Schiff-Techniker Replika
(Land Survey/Ship Technician Replika 'Magpie')

Type: Generation 5 Kosmo-Pioneer Speciaist
Frame: Biomechanical with carbon fiber-reinforced Polyethylene Shell and Titanium Skeleton
Height: 178 cm

A versatile combat engineer unit primarily designed for orbital service. These tough and stoic loners are best suited as specialist Sappers and Scouts. Their technical knowledge and combat capabilities make these units true survivalists, especially when in their iconic white-and-blue heavy combat configuration, which sports bullet-resistant armor plating on their chest and forearms. Since the original neural pattern for this unit was lost with the destruction of the central Neural Archive on Vineta, new LSTR units have been produced based on a decommissioned unit from the Penrose Program.

Known issues
Elster units were chosen for the Penrose Program for their adaptability and reliability under long-term isolation conditions. Stoic and reserved, Elster units have a relatively stable neural pattern. It is best for you to leave it alone and interact with the Elster unit as little as possible. Elsters' neural pattern was a soldier of Vinetan origin, so their needs are basic. Avoid talking to the Elster unit about the war.
Penrose vessels are fitted with a specialized calibration pod which may help with Persona stabilization. To avoid resurfacing of Gestalt memories, do not show or give the Elster unit photographs, especially of soldiers during the war. Do not show the Elster unit movies, or let it listen to music. Do not try to befriend the Elster unit.
Minenarbeit-, Nukleartechnik-, Hochsicherheits-Replika
(Mining, Nuclear Tech, High-Security Replika 'Mynah')

Type: Generation 3 Industrial Specialist
Frame: Biomechanical with High-Security Reinforced Armor-Plated Servoshell
Height: 260 cm

When it comes to dangerous cargo, heavy machinery and hazardous environments, no other model rivals the MNHR units with their high-security power armor bodies. Even in lethal radiation, under crushing pressure and in zero G, they keep their calm demeanor and show exemplary teamwork. Despite their hulking bodies, underneath their face shields a standard Generation 3 Cranial Construction can be found, making maintenance and social interfacing as easy as with any other Replika Model.

Please note that the MNHR neural pattern is not suited for combat use. For combat applications, the SAPR variant should be used, which employs a combat-capable Persona in the same Frame. For more information, see [Schwere Anti-Panzer Replika 'Schnapper']

Known issues
This neural pattern is extremely stable. Little has to be done to keep Mynahs happy. They get along well with most other models thanks to their sometimes submissive, sometimes motherly personality. Unlike other models, diary-keeping is not mandatory for Persona stabilization. Small stuffed animals may be given as Fetish objects, though those resembling cats should be avoided as they might cause resurfacing Gestalt memories.
(Security Technician Guard Replika 'Starling')

Type: Generation 4 Low-Cost Combat Unit
Frame: Biomechanical with Polyethylene Shell and Bullet-Resistant Armor Plating
Height: 220cm

The Standard model of the Protektor Security Technicians. Fitted with extended legs, STAR units gracefully tower over most Gestalts. Despite their heavy armor, they can move swiftly with their long stride. Their cool and detached demeanor allows them to analyze situations with objectivity and deploy force as required. Trained in close combat and riot control techniques, they operate best in small squads led by an officer STAR unit equipped with a ballistic shield.

Known issues
Despite their normally laid-back demeanor, Stars have a strong internal hierarchy, which is important to take into consideration when promoting units to officers. Not promoting a respected unit or promoting a unit low in status can lead to friction within dorms. Stars will occasionally develop in-group rules involving physical punishments. It is recommended to allow some Officers to own military weapons as Fetish objects to stabilize their Persona.
(Security Technician Controller Replika, 'Stork')

Type: Generation 5 Combat Lead Unit
Frame: Biomechanical with Polyethylene Shell and Bullet-Resistant Armor Plating
Height: 240cm

Each Cadre of Protektor Security Technicians is overseen by a Controller Unit, the most common of which is the STCR "Stork" Type. One of the tallest Replika models thanks to their extended legs, Storks figuratively and literally keep a constant birds-eye view of any situation ready to direct and coordinate their assigned Security Technicians. Their tough, no-nonsense demeanor, though sometimes described as brutal and even cruel, makes them the perfect fit as unwavering sentinels of order.

Known issues
Storch units initially have a short temper. Training them in patience early after deployment is key, as their neural patterns are less stable then other models. Failing to do so may yield an extremely volatile personality prone to cruelty and violence. A common strategy is pairing them closely with an older STAR unit. Storch's Persona stabilizes by showering or bathing. Books on history or mythology work well as Fetish objects.

Generation 5