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Name: Claire/Lilith

Pronouns: she/her or they/them


- Science Fiction
- Video games!
- Goth aesthetic
- Body Horror
- CRTs
- Computers
- Anime/Manga
- Pink & purple

- Dogs
- Capitalism
- NFTs
- Crowds
- The sun
- Loud noises
- Nationalism
- Modern Web design
- Country Music
- Ukuleles

Yo I'm Claire (or Lilith, I go by both names), the webmistress and resident rampant ai here at Rampancy and uhhhhhhhh I guess this page exists so I can ramble on about myself to all my lovely visitors. First up I'm a 20-something year old sapphic as fuck woman living in the theocratic fascist hellhole that is the modern day United States, with a lot of love and a bit of nostalgia for the anime, video games, computer hardware, and web design of the 1990s and early 2000s. And this here slice of cyberspace serves as the ultimate expression of that love,,, or at least it will once I get around to properly filling it out. These days I spend most of my time playing whatever random video game piques my interest, building levels for Doom and various other games, starting computer hardware projects that I will likely never finish, watching anime (mostly obscure 80s & 90s OVAs these days), and slowly growing my wardrobe of goth clothes because I'm done caring what other people think and am just going to wear what I've always wanted but never had the chance or courage to. I also have a somewhat unique interest in cathode ray tube displays and how they operate, a love for history, and can play a number of brass instruments, primarily the euphonium and tuba (No I'm not going to explain what a euphonium is, I was already sick of doing that by high school, just look it up). OH AND I REALLY LOVE CATS A LOT THEY'RE GREAT :) If you'd like to contact me, I'm most active on Twitter (@SentientCRT) so shoot me a dm there.

Favorite Games

- Final Fantasy Tactics

- Xenogears

- Halo 3

- Marathon Infinity

- Homeworld

Favorite Movies

- Blade Runner

- Alien

- The Thing (1982)

- The Passion of Joan of Arc

- Transformers: The Movie

Favorite Anime

- Revolutionary Girl Utena

- Sound! Euphonium

- Serial Experiments Lain

- Bubblegum Crisis

- Berserk

Favorite Manga

- Berserk

- Bloom Into You

- Pietà

- Himegoto: Juukyuusai no Seifuku

- My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness

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